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In general, townhomes and condos cost less than single-family homes, which appeals to many first-time home buyers. They also appeal to older people because there is little to no exterior maintenance. "Empty-nesters" also like leaving larger houses for the convenience, increased safety and amenities of a condo. There is no cutting or watering the lawn, trimming hedges, painting the exterior, etc. Many condos also have common amenities such as pools, workout rooms, tennis courts, even golf courses. Many people purchase condos as an investment, and earn income by renting out the condo.

When looking to buy a townhome or condo, it is essential that you have the right guidance. Evaluating monthly fees, governance and financials of a townhome or condo association is critical to protecting your investment. The Rayburn Group has resources who have served as HOA Board Presidents who's experience can be invaluable when looking to buy.

For immediate assistance, call us at 972-987-3808.


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